Quality management

Quality management
Kankura Salazar QM team is totally concentrated in the target of helping the factories to produce first choice quality shoes according to each customer standards.
During ongoing production control, we issue occurrence reports in order to keep the customers informed about what is happening in production.
Quality management
We also do AQL controls on produced goods which are ready to ship and will provide final reports for each order.
We have developed an exclusive software to keep you updated every time.

Quality is produced, not controlled!

Having our technicians controlling the ongoing production we have the challenge to be sure that our final controls will only confirm the good job done

Material and component selection

Kankura Salazar is working in the Portuguese market for more than 25 years and along the years we have gathered a great database of suppliers of all materials needed for footwear production. From leather to outsole, through stiffeners, boxes, laces whatever you need, we will find the right material that suits your needs.
Material and component selection

Technical Validation

Technical Validation
We can help you finding the best solution for your designer’s ideas. It is also our target to help you simplifying production achieving less cost for the same look and function. Our technicians will also control the grading and fitting whenever needed.
Which materials for which function is a fundamental decision to be taken according to the footwear’s target. We can help you choose the right material and supplier for each project.
Our team is also ready to help you check the construction of the outsole molds, control the grading and technical accuracy. We will support the development of the sample size and follow the full size range until final approval.

Chemical Validation

International and Specific Norms
Chemical Validation
Kankura Salazar has a great experience coordinating and supervising the testing of components and produced products.
We also operate all the needed tools to guarantee the adequate traceability of raw materials and final shoes – supporting and preparing upstream production.
All factories are obliged to follow the legal requirements.
Dedicated RSL
Give us your specific RSL, we will supervise and coordinate the testing of the materials taking into consideration their appliances and required limits.
This specific RSL developed by some of the leading manufacturers worldwide is also amongst our know-how.

Industrial Auditing

Industrial Auditing
from components Suppliers
Who is making your shoes? Under which conditions are they made? And where do the materials and components come from?
Industrial Auditing
to Finished Product Suppliers
Kankura Salazar is prepared to provide you with factory audits and material tracking to give you the certainty concerning sources and code of conduct for all your suppliers.

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